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Dissertation/Thesis Writing Service

First, we would like to begin by assuring that you will be amazed with the quality of our dissertation writing service. At studydaddy we ensure that our dissertation writing service is here to give you piece of mind that you sincerely need in your studies. We ensure that we meet your deadline and that you receive a high boost on your grades. Our dissertation writing service is covered by our money back guarantee policy. Our writers fully understand that all clients must get their grades, the compromise of which the clients will get their money back. In order to ensure that we deliver a dissertation that earns your trust, below are key points that our tutors consider.

Client’s Choice of Secondary or Primary Research

Our writers are specialists in dealing with both primary and secondary research. This means that choosing the type of research depends on the client. In some cases, the client visit site and may be restricted by the university to use only one, either the primary or the secondary research. In such situations, we recommend our clients to choose secondary research because it is less time consuming and cheaper compared to primary research that will cost you more in terms of designing and disseminating the questionnaires and inputting the data in statistical analysis software. However, if you are instructed by the university to use only the primary research, or a mixed method research involving both the primary and secondary research types, don’t worry because we can still handle it for you. All we need is to agree upfront of the amount we will charge you for the background work that is not part of the word count like for the regular orders.

Client’s Choice of Qualitative or Quantitative Methods

In normal practice, a research can either adopt qualitative or quantitative methods and sometimes it can use both. At, we make it easy for you by allocating your dissertations to writers who are specialists in your subject so that they can guide and advise you on which methods to use for your project. Just to give you a rough idea, quantitative method is appropriate when dealing with large volume of data, especially data that is collected from many research respondents using closed-questionnaires. On the other hand, qualitative method is most appropriate when deadline with small volumes of data collected using interviews involving few research participants. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages that affect research validity and reliability in different ways.

Client's Choice of Extras

As previously mentioned, we can complete your primary research or you can check our page to find help at an extra cost. This involves the design of the questionnaires or formulations of interview questions and their dissemination to the clients. However, at a much lower cost, we can have our writers come up with sample responses and use it in the analysis. This makes a lot of sense considering that our services are primarily for modelling purposes. Additionally, you can also have some types of appendices at extra cost. These include calculations and diagrams among other types of appendices.

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